Being Foodie in Adela, Camotes

Good life, is appreciating small and simple things in life. My stay in Adela humbled me, more so because of the food we had. I will be sharing with you my new favorites that is unique and fun.

  •  Milo Rice

Seeing them eat it with rice is weird, but trying it is FUN. Sprinkle the hot rice with Milo powder and  you will have Milo Rice in an instant. It is kanin and ulam in one.

  • Pansit Canton 
This trusty fellow is the quickest viand ever. Five packs of Pansit Canton can feed more than a dozen.
  • Vegetable Juice
Unique but they do have it in Camotes. I am used to different flavors of juice but, vegetable juice is their favorite here in Camotes. It is a commercially produce powdered juice in vegetable flavor, just add water and you have what they call Vegetable juice.
Sissy and her Vegetable Juice
  • Cheese Roll
Who doesn't love cheese? Not me, I can live with cheese alone, haha. In Adela, I have my favorite Cheese Roll
Cheesy Roll
  • Mongo 
I do cooked mongo beans at home. And a secret to feeding the many, MONGO with any "sahog" available, you will have a viand for all.

  • Fresh Fish
When I pitched Sissy at Consuelo Port, we dropped by the Market. We bought fresh fish and grilled it. 

Mai Lesson's Learned
Eat with the community. Simple dish is made so tasty when eaten and shared with others. Nothing can compare to it, not even eating in the most expensive restaurant but alone. 

Volunteer Date: May 15-20, 2012


  1. Eating is truly enjoyable, when you share it with others, lalo na kung Pinoy. Kahit simple lang, mas masarap kapag salo-salo.

    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. It is, lalo na tayong Pinoy. Have a nice day!


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