A Visit to Tuka Marine Park

YES! There is a marine sanctuary in the waters of Sarangani Bay. A trip to Tuka Marine Park is the most reasonable way you can get to enjoy the beauty of the Marine life and can even be at par with other marine sanctuary in the country.
Safety First at Lourdes Park
We paid for a round trip boat ride for Php100.00 per person and and entrance fee of Php25.00 per person at Lourdes Park. 

The adventure starts here
Tuka Marine Park is a 20 minutes boat ride from Lourdes Park, and it was one of the most peaceful boat ride I had. As we cruise in the waters of Sarangani we saw the beautiful white coastline back dropped by a green foliage of its virgin forest. What amazed me most about Tuka Marine Park is that it was intended by God to protected because of the mountain that surrounds the area.

 As we enter the cove of Tuka, I saw the corals dancing with the water. It is a sight to behold, but Tuka Marine Park has more;

  • White Sand Beach
With the coral population, it is sure that the beach of Tuka is white. Lola & Browie enjoyed in its white sand.

  • Pacquiao Mansion
A 14 bedroom beach house is standing on the right side of Tuka Marine Park beachfront, owned by Pacman. The property was leased to him by the local government. The mansion is available to family's guests and friends. During our visit the caretaker allowed as to take photos around.

  • Rustic Charm
The "bahay kubo" and the nipa cottages makes the place beautiful, and the mountain with wild grasses and shrubs added to its charm. I call it wild because of the monkeys running in the beach, which according to the staff, lives in the mountain.

  • Snorkeling  Spots 
Snorkeling equipment is available for rent with unlimited hours for only Php 100.00. If only I can stay in the water the whole day, I would. The colorful corals dance as it goes with the water's movement. Fishes of all sizes & colors abound in those corals.

  • Friendly Staff
From the Tourism office, to Manong Bangkero to Ate Lorna at Tuka Marine Park, they were very accommodating and helpful. In the end it is still the people that made my trip to Tuka more memorable.
Mai's Reminder:
Bring your garbage home. I made it a habit that every time I go to an island, I bring with me an extra bag for trash. Island living is hard especially when it comes to waste disposal, much more if its a sanctuary. Let us make it our little contribution to Mother Earth.

Mai's Warning:
A shout out to LGU Kiamba, motorized boats and their anchors destroy corals. Please find ways in mitigating the destruction, I saw it when we get to Tuka. I am grateful that Tuka was opened to public and how it generate income to people but the danger of destruction is also looming around.
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Travel Date: January 02, 2013
Travel Buddies: Mi Familia