The Jesuits House of Parian, Cebu; Hidden & Preserved

 It is my second day in Cebu City, I  planned it to be the day of visiting Yap-San Diego House and having lunch at Cafe Elysse. But I was not ready to for the first surprise of the day, an old house inside a "Bodega."

When I got down from the jeep, we saw a sign that reads "," but where is it? All I see were hardware merchandise in this old bodega. Excited, I asked a man carrying a sack of cement for the Jesuit House and he pointed me the left corner of the bodega.

The Jesuit House was discovered by the owner of the "bodega" after it read a book about the Parian District of Cebu in Philippine Studies. After the tour a photocopied pages of the book, where the owner learned about how and what this old house signifies.


We started the tour at the back entrance,  which is inside the "bodega" itself. We climbed a hardwood stairs to get to the house, we saw the kitchen and the dining area. The furniture that you see were already put by the new owner, it being a religious house, it is believed that it do not have any lavish furnishing except for a bed and table with a crucifix.

Main Sala

painted ceiling

roofs made of "tieza" bricks 

The tour is what I considered as the most informative one I have to date.
For me the knowing about a city's past is one of the best way of exploring it. An entrance fee of Php30.00 is paid, and I have to say it the staff were accommodating & friendly and a receipt is given.

Old camera collection of the owner

The basement was turned into a museum, the round wood (right) is the original post of the house, destroyed by ground water

Stairs at the front entrance of the house

"rivets" shows when this house was constructed - it was used during the time of Titanic

Kudos to the owner of the property for preserving the Jesuit House and sharing it others as well.
It is just the start of my second day, way to go .....
More Mai Wanders!!!!
Travel Date: May 13, 2012
Travel Buddy: Sissy