Tandag City in a Flash

We are in Tandag City for lunch, it was an hour and 30 minutes ride from San Agustin to Tandag City. I called it in a flash because we were there for only two hours.
  • Lunch in Gold Bar Restaurant. It is located in Mabua, facing the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant is like a snake and ladder board come to life, I love how those stairs surprises you, with those interesting nooks and crannies around.

Just look for this big "GOLD BAR"

  • Order Gold Bar Restaurant's Crispy Chili Shrimps. No explanation needed, just order it and try it for yourself.

  • Watch the Waves. Lanuza is up ahead on the next town, its one of Surigao's surfing haven. From Gold Bar Restaurant you can enjoy in the sights of those white breaks.

  • Walk by Tandag Boulevard. Just across Gold Bar Restaurant is Mabua Beach.

The visit is in a flash, but I was able to take as much as I can of Tandag City.

More Mai Wanders!!!
Travel Date: April 19, 2012
Travel Buddies: D' Group