Surprises of Hinatuan Bay

Right after a hearty lunch, we took a boat ride along Hinatuan Bay. The ride offered a number of surprises;
Sea Grass. They are everywhere, and it made navigating the bay difficult, the reason why all boats got two crew, one on the wheel and the other standing in front to give directions. With the large population of sea grass in the area, water looks brownish in color.

Looks like garbage, but those are sea grass.....
our navigator, Manong gives signal and direction to Manong on the wheels
Stilt Houses. They got it here along Hinatuan Bay, houses rise above the water. Some got their boats tied on the post of their houses.

Sand Bar. It may not be a glorious as the white island of Camiguin, but the fun of standing in the middle with waters all around you is beyond compare.

Bed and Breakfast in the Bay. Isn't it exciting? Pinoy ingenuity again, they got rooms and serves meal to their guests. The downside, they uses sea water for washing and their bathrooms. 

White Shore Island. We did not stop in this island, but it got white sand. But there are families living within the island, so if you want an island for yourself, it is not for you.

White Breaks. We get to see those white breaks as we cruise in Hinatuan Bay. It is a common sight in the area. And reminding me, Siargao is waiting!LOL.

As we ended our visit in Hinatuan, I made a pact with myself that before I visit other countries I will explore the 80 provinces of my country. See the sights that a small town can offer, what more the whole Philippines.

More Mai Wanders!!!
Travel Date: April 18, 2012
Travel Buddies: D' Group