Sissy's Home for Christmas

Have you ever wished having many siblings, where you can choose your favorite? I do,LOL, for 23 years I was stuck with my one and only sissy, until our little browie came. But as we grow older & wiser, we get to miss one another, as we both lived separately. While she lives in Cebu taking up Med, I was here in South Cotabato with our parents, taking up Law & helping out in the family's biz.

Christmas is the season where we get to be together. She arrived last weekend and it calls for a big chow. We went to SM City General Santos  for lunch at Antonio's Grill.
At Antonio's Grill we had; Tuna Sisig, Mandaragat Soup, Rebosadong Hipon & Plain Rice, Four Season Shake for Browie.

After our lunch we went shopping for browie's party, we had a blast, playing stylist to browie. HAHAHA but we got our first boboo as stylists, he wants the one we do not want. But then, we are your older sisters, follow what ates want you to wear OK.

This is the start of three weeks of fun, food and trip!!!!

Date: December 15, 2012