Seagull Mountain Resort My Future Neighbor

BLAH,BLAH ang yabang ko! LOL. From the property we just checked out, Seagull Mountain Resort is just a minute ride. 
Seagull Mountain Resort is located along Buda Road, Lorena, Marilog District, Davao City. It got cottages that the whole family can rent out and you can cook your own food. We were there for lunch so we were not able to explore the whole resort.

Lunch is at Seagull's Steak House & Coffee Shop, we ordered; Spaghetti with Tomato-Basil Sauce, Beef Rice Toppings and Fresh Garden Salad. We stayed al fresco,because it was cooler & fresher outside and we got muddy shoes, hahaha.

One thing that I cannot  stop myself is taking pictures of the restrooms. It was a garden inside a room.

After lunch we went to the Herd Garden just beside the restaurant, there we went herbs shopping.

Lunch at Seagull Steak House & Coffee Shop is not just satisfying but also refreshing. I bid you goodbye for now but I am sure to be back and explore Seagull Mountain Resort.
Look where my fingers are.....

More Mai Wanders!!!!
Travel Date: April 24, 2012
Travel Buddies: Mama, Ma Net, Ta Ming, Ta Cel & Miya


  1. magkano po ba yong rent sa campsite?

    1. Hi angel mar! during our visit, we're not able to check on their rates. Just check their website for more info. Thanks for reading!


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