Perfect in the Midst of Typhoon Pablo

News updates provided us with a blow by blow reports on the places that will be hit by Typhoon Pablo, and I can see that people are more aware and prepared than during Typhoon Sendong. At the time Sendong landfall in Cagayan de Oro last year, our family just landed in Cebu City for our Negros-Iloilo-Capiz Vacation.
Today, as I stay home and listen to updates on Typhoon Pablo, I learned that South Cotabato is under Signal No. 1 warning. I woke up today hearing drizzles outside, I can't even say there is typhoon, after living for 4 years in Iloilo City, wherein if it says typhoon, I can hearing "WOOSHING" sounds and "baha" is all around the city.

And the perfect partner for this rainy day is a mug of hot "tsokolate." We had "tsokolate" and homemade chicken empanada for a morning snacks. For our "tsokolate" I used Argao tablea which I bought 5 months ago when I visited Argao with my sister. I personally baked that "Chicken Empanada," actually these are extras from yesterday's orders in Aurora's Kitchen.

I thank God for keeping my family safe. And let us continue to pray and lift the safety of our Kababayans especially those in CARAGA, to the loving arms & shield of our Father in Heaven.
Keep Praying!!!
Mai Wanders
(This was to be posted last Dec. 4, 2012, on the day Typhoon Pablo hit Southern Mindanao, but due to lost internet connection, I wasn't able to post it.)