On Board Jomalia Lines to Camotes Island

My trip to Cebu City is for the sole purpose of volunteering to the Mission Exposure of Bradford Church in Adela, Poro, Camotes Island, Cebu.
I am the Ate of the group then, we left Cebu City to Danao City, where we boarded Jomalia Lines to Poro Port in Camotes.
The ferry ride is two hours, since most members of our group were students, the fare is only Php 90.00 per person. It is lesser that the regular fare because we boarded on a Tuesday, which is not the pick day of travelling to and fro Camotes Island. During the ride, we preferred staying on the second deck of the ferry, talking and enjoying the scenery. 
But on the last 30 minutes of the ride, we rested and took a nap. 

We arrived in the Port of Poro past 4:00 in the afternoon. Poro port is one of the two major ports in Camotes Island.
Poro Port

Philippine Navy
 The port area is clean and well managed. This is just the start of my 5-days Camotes Exposure.
Poro Port, the mission starts here........
More Mai Wanders!!!!!
Volunteer Date: May 15, 2012
Volunteer Buddies: Bradford Youth Volunteers