Mud & Beauty of Datu Salumay, Marilog, Davao City

Being the biggest city in Asia, Davao City is divided into three districts and those districts were further subdivided into sub-districts. Datu Sulamay is in the sub-district of Marilog in Third District.
Three days after our Agusan-Surigao Trip, we are back on the road, this time property check. Investing into real property is a big thing for us, and having one in this part of Davao City is a good one. Marilog District is the Baguio of Davao City, its high altitude and cold weather is comparable to the City of Pines. And the best thing about it, it is not populated & the air is fresh and clean.
From Matina Crossing, it took as almost two hours to get to Datu Salumay. During our visit, some of the roads were under construction after days of heavy rains in the area. Going to Datu Salumay, you will passed by Cotabato Province, yes, I was amazed as well, when I saw school sign saying "Arakan, Cotabato." When I got home I check my Mindanao map right away, and yes we did passed by Cotabato Province. Buda Road is in the boundary of Davao-Cotabato and Bukidnon.
On our way to Datu Salumay

The winding Buda Road
Datu Salumay for me is a good place to retire or have a summer home in. Let me share the mud and beauty of Datu Salumay.

Beauty of Datu Salumay
The property is a 30 minutes walk from the highway, or less, during our visit it rained, so the road is so muddy. Walking is difficult, better to walk bare foot than with your slippers. Thanks that I decided to wear my M Shoes, perfect for muddy road.

As we look I around I imagine the house, the plants & pets I will have in the future in this place. LOL

Wild Strawberries

Before we got back we stop in our future neighbor's property, to rest and have some snacks. The owners already started planting wild orchids & pine trees. The caretaker picks some wild orchids and give it to us.

Walking back is another challenge, we took the shorter route to the highway, but way more difficult, more muddy.

And now we are back to and here's what we got.......

More Mai Wanders!!!!
Travel Date: April 24, 2012
Travel Buddies: Mama, Ma Net, Tita Ming, Tita Cel & Miya


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