Looking for Crabs in Tago

Foodies knocking!!! After satisfying our wanderlust, it is again time for our seafood cravings to be satisfied. When we planned this trip, we hope for a seafood overload, we did but we want to bring more seafood home. We asked from staff in Gold Bar Restaurant where we can buy crabs and other seafood, they all recommended the Municipality of Tago.
Streets of Tago

In Pilipino, "TAGO" means hide, depending on how you stress the word, it can also mean hidden.
Tago is a 2nd class municipality located in the central part of Surigao del Sur facing the Pacific Ocean. But it is a hidden haven for crabs, shrimps and other seafood. Along its paved roads, we saw signage on houses selling crabs & shrimps.
"house to house" looking for crabs

It was past 3:00 P.M, so most of the day's catch were delivered

Only pic I have in Tago

If you are looking for crabs and shrimps, visit the seafood haven in the hidden town of Tago.
More Mai Wanders!!!!
Travel Date: April 19, 2012
Travel Buddies: D' Group