Licanto Beach Resort: Left or Right?

Two days before, we saw Licanto Beach Resort’s signage on the right side of the road before entering the Municipality of Barobo from San Francisco.
Today just as it was getting darker, all eyes were on the right side of the road, looking for the same signage, Licanto Beach Resort, is our home away from home tonight.
We continue the drive until we reach Poblacion Barobo, and all of us never saw that signage. We asked a local where is Licanto Beach, “nanubra na mu, duol ra, diha sa wakat.” Someone translated “wakat” is a curve, it was already dark and all eyes were again fixed on the left side, since were going back, that signage must be on the left side of the road. We reached the “wakat” or what we assumed as the curve, but a big huhu, no signage just a dark curve road and not a single house in sight, someone must have been playing with us. We turned back again to Poblacion, Barobo this time we entered the town, “assuming again” it must have been on the other side, to no avail, no signage and no wakat.
For the last time, I asked a local, where is Licanto Beach Resort, I got the same reply “duol ra, naa sa wakat.” HUHU Wait manong(M);
Me: Manong, ang “wakat,” kanang kurbada?
M: Dili oi, lugar, diha duol ra sunod sa poblacion, wakat na.
Me: Mao ba, salamat, nya balik me paadto ug Tandag nga dalan?
M: Huo, balik mo, naa man mo Makita pangalan na Licanto,  naa sa “tuo.”
Me: Aw gikan diri sa Poblacion, ang ngalan naa sa “tuo” banda
M: Klaro man kayo tong ngalan, Makita dayon sa “tuo”
Me: SALAMAT jud Manong!
Well here is the last and final direction, if you are coming from Poblacion Barobo, turn left to the main road, drive straight and on the right side a signage of Licanto Beach Resort.  If you are coming from Tandag City, it is on the left side. And never stop by the curve, because Licanto Beach Resort is about a kilometer from the curve we thought to be “WAKAT.” Wakat is the name of the Barangay where Licanto Beach Resort is located.
When you get overloaded with memories, evaluating things can sometimes be mind blowing.
Here is Licanto Beach Resort. It is located at Wakat, Barobo, Surigao del Sur. Bringing of food is allowed in the resort. It got a restaurant, but when you come in late, better to bring your own food.

Mai's Morning in Licanto Beach Resort

We just stayed there for a night. The resort got around 10 AC cottages and a number of open cottages along the beach. A cooking area is also available for guests who plan to cook. Quite disappointed with their toilet & bath, but all I wanted now is to get a good night sleep.

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Check -in : April 20, 2012 (07:00 P.M)
Check - out: April 21, 2012 (06:00 A.M.)


  1. Nice information about your travel day in Licanto Beach Resort. I am hoping I will visit and travel in this place also.

    1. Thanks Greg Chua. Do visit and enjoy the beautiful sights of Surigao del Sur one of this days.


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