It is Not About Losing.....Pacquiao vs Marquez

It is a full house every Pacquiao fight at home. Our farm workers & their family get to have lunch with us every time Pacquiao have a fight. Me & Mama gained a new alliance, my little Bro, he said a night before that he will no longer support Manny.
Boo Me for it, but I do not support Marquez either, it is just that boxing for me a modern day gladiator. 
The day at home started with much preparation, foods were prepared for the lunch and snacks. After we got home from Sunday Church service, most of our farm workers were at home and watching the under card games.

Just before Manny's fight started, they had their lunch and then during the fight, all eyes were fixed......

Bro cheering for Marquez

..............after the fight.........

saddened by Manny's loss

empty seats

A lesson learned.....