Foodie Finds: Persian Tandoori

Back to blog backlogged, a continuation of my Cebu Trip last May 2012. After spending our morning around Parian District, Sissy and I, need to have our tummies refilled. And again, Sissy recommends, Persian Tandoori at Parkmall in Quano Avenue, NRA Mandaue City.
I love French & Italian cuisines, not much of the Japanese except their California Maki. This time I hope my first time with Persian Cuisine won't disappoint me.

Persian Tandoori is located in the al fresco area of the mall, from its exteriors you'll know its the place because of the bling,blings hanging. 

Sissy again recommends that I try;Chello KeBab Special  and Eskender Kebab. And I did ordered both.

Hmmm, is all I can say when I took my first bite of the kebab, the meat is so tender and it smoky taste gives a different experience, saying "I am not your ordinary barbeque, I am a KEBAB."

I love the tomato rice that comes with Chello kebab special, it got a kick that makes me want for more, and perfect to pair with their kebab.

Another must try is the eskender, the fresh yogurt is the best dip for me.

And the best way to eat Persian cuisine, it with your hand. My first time with it is a gastronomic blast!
So I say; "Persian Tandoori Found & Tasted"
Table Date: May 14, 2012
Table Buddy: Sissy
Persian Tandoori
Unit 9, Alfresco Parkmall, Quano Avenue
NRA, Mandaue City