Foodie Finds: Dencia’s Restaurant of Davao City

Browie and Dencia's menu
Dencia's Restaurant is an institution here in Davao City, it is one of Davao’s oldest restaurant. I used to go here as a child, back in the days when Grasel Foods is starting. Every time we come with GF products delivery, Dencia will always be our go to place to eat.
It is located at Ilustre Street, Davao City, near Gaisano Mall Ilustre. A must order in Dencia's are; Goto, Fresh Lumpia &  Tokua’t Baboy.
For our lunch we ordered all three must order and added a whole fried chicken for the kids and Canton Special.

Fried Chicken

Canton Special

Fresh Lumpia still got its chopped peanuts, giving it the crunch & nutty taste. What I loved about Dencia’s Fresh Lumpia is the wrapper, it is so thin that you don’t get the “umay” as other fresh lumpia wrappers. And of course, to die for is the sauce.

Tokua’t Baboy is best paired with Goto. Try this combination and you will make it one of your favorites. The tangy vinegar of Tokua’t Baboy gives more flavors to the subtle taste of Goto.

Tokua't Baboy

We arrived at Dencias’ past lunchtime but it was still full, some were having their afternoon “halo-halo” already. But Dencia's food will always be perfect at any time of the day.
Me enjoying my Fresh lumpia

Table Date: April 21, 2012
Table Buddies: D’ Group