Follow the Crab Trail Barobo-San Francisco

Kung gusto, maraming paraan,” cliché  but true, we wanted to bring home crabs and other seafood from Surigao and the determination we got is incomparable. Follow our crab trail adventure.
Let us go to Barobo Public Market. Barobo got two, the old and the new public market, as suggested, go to the new one. There we look for crabs and dried fish particularly the “dangit.”

We ended up empty handed after searching the whole public market, but a lady willingly accompanied us to where we can buy “dangit.”
Off we go to Purok 2, Poblacion Barobo. It is a community beside the river that goes out to the sea. Most of the residents make dried fish. But then, “dangit” is not in season, but they got other dried fish. Mama bought 4 plastic packs, only to regret after tasting it, it taste good, and she should have bought more.
Walking in  Purok 2, Poblacion, Barobo

Back in Wakat for Crabs. Most of the locals we have asked recommended Wakat, if you want to buy crabs. When we got there, “pinilian” was left, the middleman just got the day’s good catch and is bringing it to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.

We still bought these crabies
Follow the crabs trail to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur. Yes we followed this tricycle loaded with ice cases filled with crabs & shrimp only to lost it around San Francisco’s center. HAHAHA, when we got San Francisco Public Market, no crabs where in sight.

It was indeed an adventure doing the crabs trail.

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Travel Date: April 21, 2012
Travel Buddies: D’Group