Britania Group of Islets of San Agustin, Surigao del Sur

Mindanao got its own version of Luzon's Hundred Islands, the Britania Group of Islets in Lianga Bay. It is composed of 24 islets, during our visit we were able to explore 4 of the islets, namely; Hagonoy, Naked Island, Hiyor-Hiyoran and Boslon.

Hagonoy is our first stop, being the farthest of the 4 islets. It was drizzling that day so our boat man choose to go there first. In Hagonoy, there were nipa grasses and trees growing in the islet. It has a powdery and cream colored sands, there is a shaded area perfect for picnic.

A big HUHU happened to me there, I slipped, and hit hard on the sharp rocks along the shore, too much excitement kills......careful next time.

Next stop, Naked Island, it is bare naked of any plant. It is a sand bar in the middle of the sea. Good thing that it was drizzling during our visit,  is not as scorching hot as it can be be, when the mid-day sun is on its full glory.

Hiyor-Hiyoran is next, it was deserted when we got to the islet. The clear blue waters around the island, showcase the glorious sight of dancing sea grasses as we passed and we even saw some sea snakes. It's shore is not sandy as the first two, it got shells and sea rocks.

Me & Mama at Hiyor-Hiyoran

Mama Star Fish & Baby Star Fish......wala si Ate Star Fish

Our last stop, Boslon, it was so crowded when we got there. I was a bit disappointed when I went around the islet, garbage are everywhere, most were plastics and styro left by tourist. YES I WANNA SHOUT IT LOUD TO PLEASE; DON'T JUST TAKE MEMORIES OF THE PLACES YOU VISIT, LEAVE YOUR LOVE AND CARE TO IT AS WELL.
With the number of boats.....surely madami ding tao

Sea Urchin

sea cucumber

To Barangay Britania, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, you are blessed with a treasure, Britania Islets. Extend more efforts to protect it please.

More Mai Wanders!!!
Travel Date: April 19, 2012
Travel Buddies: D'Group


  1. Hi! Come and stay overnight at Oasis Rest House, Britannia, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur when you visit Britannia Group of Islands. Contact nos. 09107529319 or 09485697858.

  2. Sure Ms. Mysti, when I get the chance to visit Britannia again, I'll make sure to visit your place. thanks for your contact nos.


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