The Sights of Plaza Libertad & San Jose Church

Two of Iloilo City's landmarks that I used to consider so ordinary. Plaza Libertad, I crossed through it when I go to hear mass at San Jose, or used to passed through between Plaza Libertad & San Jose Parish on board Lapaz Jeepney.

That was my Iloilo life for four years. Old Houses, Churches, Streets & Building used to be too ordinary & insignificant. Until I went home to South Cotabato and started to travel around the Philippines, Google searches show this and that to be historical and significant. "Oh May Goodness, I could have saved on it."
Plaza Libertad is located at the far end of Calle Real, it is easy to locate. This afternoon walk is unplanned but memorable, because Me and Sissy try to test our knowledge of jeepney routes in the city. Good thing that our memories are still in good condition, because yes Lapaz Granja still passed by Plaza Libertad, we took the jeepney from Robinsons Mall.

One of the sight that took my attention is the top edifice of Iloilo City Hall Building. The Building is on going a renovation during our visit.

Across Plaza Libertad is San Jose Parish.

We enjoyed the plaza like the locals, bought some street foods in the plaza and waited for the sunset. It was indeed a beautiful experience for us. 

Mai's Lessons Learned:
Keep exploring. Be it your hometown or temporary residence, don't be lax, go out and explore. You may never know that some side streets or food stall is something historical or interesting.

Walk Date: December 21, 2011
Walk Buddies: Sissy & Miya