Nothing Scary but Blessings on Halloween

The past weeks until Halloween, Passions Cupcakes is full of madness with orders. And so even on Halloween itself a 74th Birthday cupcakes need to made. When there are orders, there will always be leftovers, to play & experiment with.
Halloween Fun Starts Here;
Spooky Cupcakes, chocolate moist cupcakes with chocolate cake pops covered in white fondant.

 An Evening Visit to Tupi Public Cemetery. We used to visit during the day, it's our first time this year and it's better. Not so many people & no scorching heat, except that you can still feel a bit creepy going up the hill. Yep, Tupi Public Cemetery is on a hill.

A Night of Illusions at Tupi Holy Trinity Memorial Park. It's the first Halloween without Ma Be (paternal aunt), and we had a blast visiting her. The memorial park management prepared a program this year; a singing contest, a magician & a gay beauty contest.

Mai's Lessons Learned:
Remembering our dearly departed can be Fun. Don't raise brows on me, I love them both, my Lolo & Ma be, and never been happier knowing that they are both rested & at peace. And the best way we can do to them is to show them that we lived our lives to the fullest.
Date: November 1, 2012