Jolly Hotdog Made ME Jolly

Have you ever experienced a day that seems to be so gloomy? No matter how much affirmation you do that its gonna be a happy day, you still feel so down.
Every time I experience this, the place I go to is my bedroom, I sit still and pray to my Farther in Heaven. I pray that all these feelings go away, and He got ways of making them go way.
This time, its a knock on my door, and when I opened it, there it is, waiting to be picked-up.

I finished the whole thing in a flash, I then felt so full & jolly. LOL (pagkain lang pala katapat ng lahat.)

Mai's Lessons Learned:
A simple act of kindness, makes someone happy or better. When lil Bro do that, he did not do it because he knows I don't feel good that day, it was just his usual pasalubong to ate from school. But he was so kind enough to give me a whole jolly hotdog and made a little surprise by putting it on my bed room door. He is really our family's ANGEL.