Iloilo International Airport

The first time I took a plane out of the Island of Panay was in 2003, back then Iloilo Domestic Airport is located in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.
Nowadays, we get to experience the best service of getting in and out to the Iloilo through its newest airport, Iloilo International Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo.

From our hotel we took a taxicab to the airport. It is a 45 minutes ride from Iloilo City. And being a morning family, waking up is never a problem. When we got to the airport, Davao City Counter is not yet open.
Waiting is not a problem, the airport has enough area to sit in, and it even got an indoor mini garden in the ground floor.
An escalator is available when going up to the second floor, there we shopped for pasalubongs.

And while waiting for our flight, we had breakfast, where else but JD. The airport JD do not have our all time JD favorites; chicken and macaroni & chicken ala king. Instead we ordered; Rice Meals, Spaghetti, Club House Sandwich, Chicken Cibata Sandwich, varieties of sweet bars & Coffee.

Having a full tummy is the best way to leave Iloilo. Bye for now, but we will always keep coming back.
Travel Date: December 23, 2011