Escas by Afriques, Hidden but Surprising

The place, Esca's Garden Restaurant is located at Villa Aurora Subdivision, Iloilo City. When we got there, we were the first costumers to arrived for lunch. It is one of the highly recommended restaurants by my Iloilo based friends.

It has beautiful garden area but during our visit we ate inside the restaurant, I love the interiors.

For lunch we ordered; Calamares, Bulalo, 1/2 Baby Back Ribs, and Pipino Coolers. I love their Pipino Coolers, very refreshing because of the fresh mint leaves.

It was a perfect lunch, since it was our last day in Iloilo for this trip. Yummy Lunch!
Mai Lesson's Learned:
Taste matters more than location. When your food taste good, people will go and find you. Esca's location is hidden inside a subdivision, but still patrons and foodies go and search for it.
Table Date: December 22, 2011
Table Buddies: Papa, Mama, Bro & Miya