Dimsum Diner, 3-hours of Chit Chats

Yehey one of the girls is pregnant. We can really say that we are getting older now, and "laag" time becomes conversation time. 
In our early 20's, you'll see us hanging out in malls, going to friends house, now meet ups got to be in a place with good food. 
For the meet up only me, Chytzy and Tina were available for lunch. And since Chytzy is now 4 months pregnant, she has the luxury of choosing where to have our lunch. The choice Dimsum Diner at Casa Gemma Building, just across KCC Mall side entrance.

Dimsum Diner is more on the Chinese side, with its array of noodles and dumpling s to choose from. When someone is heavy with child, we just can't stop her on what to order, me and Tina wanted just; Chopsuey & Sweet and Sour Cream Dory Fillet but preggy Chikay wants more; Siomai Platter, Pork Riblets & Sotanghon Guisado of Casa Gemma. For desserts, me and Tina shared over Banana Split, while Chikay ordered Taho.

We get to Dimsum Diner at exactly 12:00 N.N, we had lunch and chitchats on almost everything, from elementary years to college experiences, our love life to work, and more. Only to realized, wooh it was already past 3:00 P.M. We call it a day and agree on our next Table Date.
Table Date: November 09, 2012
Table Buddies: Tina & Chikay