Cool Down Friday

It was a hot Friday afternoon in Koronadal City. I did my groceries for the coming week orders at KCC Mall. And as promised to Browie we will have a Halo-Halo after his exam.
While waiting for Ate Nene and Browie, I went to Booksale, it is a super sale book store of second hand books and pocketbooks. It is one of my favorite places, I love to read but I don’t splurge on books, most of my books are from Booksale.

  I browse through mountain of books, until I came in lower shelves where I spot the NAME – James Patterson. And the first thing I checked the back cover and look for this price, WOOOH another Php35.00 James Patterson’s The Midnight Club. I don’t have it yet on my JP collection, and so goodbye 35 pesos & hello JP The Midnight Club.

And now it’s Chowking Halo-Halo Time. I ordered 3 regular Halo-Halo for Php 69.00 per serving, a perfect way to cool down in one hot afternoon.

More Mai Wanders!!!!