Cool Down with Chowking Halo-Halo in Gaisano Mall Iloilo

The sun is up and with tired feet, what to expect with our little bro, nagging everywhere.  I admit to being a spoiler ate, or I say, I just love my little bro so much that anything that I am capable of sharing to him, I willingly do. 
Our shadows while walking along Burgos Street.
I myself can no longer stand it, and I needed something to cool down with. And the suggestion of my two walk buddies, Halo-Halo ng Chowking. OK, Ate is cool with it.
From La Paz Plaza, we just crossed Burgos Street and rode a LaPaz jeepney, it is sure to pass by Gaisano Mall. 

When you see them like these.......HAPPINESS
 Table Date: December 22, 2011
Table Buddies: Ate Miya & Lil Browie