Charmed by Nelly's Garden

Joey & Novie's wedding reception was held in the front yard of the Lopez Mansion or  popularly known as Nelly's Garden.

I keep saying that I love the old world charm, its beauty and feel. After the wedding we went straight to Nelly's Garden, and while waiting for the newly weds, we had cocktails in the front yard. 

The setting sun even made the moment more magical, as it sets, a natural light show appears in the sky.

As the party moves on, the "White House" or the Lopez Mansion shines as a backdrop of the nights event.

The venue made this momentous event more special. Nelly's Garden is located at E. Lopez St., Iloilo City. It is owned by the Lopez Clan, and is one of the famous landmarks of the city. It is easy to spot, with its large lawn and a deco style American Colonial heritage house as a backdrop, it is surely not to be missed.
Events Date: December 22, 2011