Capiz' Bounty from the Sea

Babay's Sunset
No doubt that Capiz is called as "The Seafood Capital of the Philippines," on this trip we have to experience said bounty of the sea. And the place to go is Baybay, Capiz, a 5- minutes tricycle ride from the city center.

Along Baybay is a whole stretch of restaurant offering what else but SEAFOOD. And we can't stop saying to Mama, "Ma yan o, Ma ito o and ito pa Ma." LOL Mama loves us, she ordered everything we want. Yes, me & my sister is far beyond the age of minors, but when we are with our parents, we are simply their little girls. Bonding over food is the best moments for our family.

We waited for the sunset and dinner along Baybay's beachfront, where sissy, Papa and browie get to play with the waves hitting the beach.

Photos overload ang post na ito......

Mai's Lessons Learned:
Best thing in life is being with the people you loved. No doubt, my life is a testament to that, either it be with family, friends, co-worker & lover, it will always be the best.
Travel Date: December 20, 2011
Travel Buddies: Papa, Mama, Sissy, Browie & Miya
How to get there:
Ride a tricycle, its the mode of transportation in Roxas City, Baybay Beach is only 3 kilometers from the city.