A Wonderful Experience in DOT Office & Museo Iloilo

It was my first time to visit a Department of Tourism (DOT) Office. DOT is located beside Museo Iloilo. 

The moment we get inside, a wonderful staff asked us what they can do to help us. I told him that we want to get a map of the city, he then pointed us to the lady in the counter. They were very accommodating that they did not just gave us a map but even took a time to explain and tell us some of the interesting things about the city.

While waiting for me, inside DOT

With such a wonderful experience, I encourage others to go and visit DOT Regional Offices.
Just a stone throw away form DOT Office is Museo Iloilo. It was my third time to visit Iloilo Museum, on my first visit we were still allowed to take pictures. During my second visit, no cameras were allowed inside and I totally respect such rule.

On this third visit, with Browie around, we would want to at least document his visit, so I asked if I can took a photo of browie by the door. The in-charge said yes and asked me if where we're from, I told her that we are from Mindanao. 

And while we were looking around, where they displayed paintings by Ilonggo artist, the lady approached me, and said that we can have our photo taken around, except of course the area where museum pieces and artifacts were displayed.

Mai's Lessons Learned:
It pays to be nice. With those simple good deeds that those in DOT and Museo did to us, made our visit so wonderful. Be one, be nice and put a smile all the time.
Walk Date: December 22, 2011
Walk Buddies: Sissy, Miya & Browie