5 Star Resort in Gumasa?

Yes, there is, it's the name of a resort in the so called secret cove of Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province. Gumasa is know for its white sand beaches, but 5 Star Resort is something I have not heard of.
WOW....not as crowded as the other resorts in Gumasa
It was an impromptu summer getaway for me and my high school classmates, Jennifer is having a baby and she wanted to have a preggy photo shoot. And it's a great way to again catch up with old friends. 

Titin and Honey suggested 5 Star Resort, a new and quite unknown resort in Gumasa owned by the Morales' of Glan. The only instruction they got is; the resort is on the same way as Isla Jardin, a more popular resort, before entering Isla Jardin, turn right on a discreet rough road along the fishponds. We did as instructed, and VIOLA! we are in a more private resort, with its cottages and beautiful cove.

Well we can stay there, except that, there was a group that booked the resort. The owners said that they have available cottages for us and being Titin & Honey's distant relatives they would love to have us. But we find it better to look for another resort for safety reasons.
Morales meets the Morales
I would love to go back and stay here at 5 Star Resort.
Travel Date: April 14, 2012
Travel Buddies: Titin, Jeny, Justine, Jen & Khalil, Honey & her two boys; Momot & Sean


  1. Hey Mai! Have you tried Raymen's Beach Resort? They have a shorter shoreline. But the resort itself can accommodate a big number of people. You should try them, if you haven't yet. :) - Mai from Budget Biyahera :)

    1. hi Mai, yes been there back in college, I used to go to Guimaras on weekends back then, haha, d pa uso ang blog and fb noon. Hope you can visit Gumasa in Saranggani Province rin. Inform me ahead if you plan to.


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