Tricycle Experience in Roxas City

Beside being the Seafood Capital, Roxas City, is known for their tricycles that can accommodate 15 - 20 persons per trip. 
Me & Miya Bird
On this trip I saw angels everywhere, and among them were strangers in the city of Roxas.
From Ivisan, Capiz, we took a jeepney to Roxas City, we got down from the city entrance and took a tricycle. Me, Papa, Mama, Sissy, Lil Bro & Miya, all six of us to The Presidents Inn.
On our way, while we were about to cross the bridge that connects to the city center of Roxas.....shheesssssss.....FLAT TIRE!. The super nice manong driver told us to wait, he will have it vulcanized in the nearby shop. 
While waiting....

Do you think these whole pack can blow a tire's interior?LOL

While crossing the bridge, we were almost at the other end when there is another hissing sound, soo sorry for him, his tire's interior blow, huhu.
He made a stop in the nearby store, and told us that he will let us ride another tricycle and even told us we need not pay him. Indeed an angel, but Mama insisted on giving him more that what we have to pay for.
Then came another tricycle, told him we're going to the Presidents Inn, we then realized that its just one block away from where we stop. And when Mama is about to pay, Manong driver said No, the place is so near our ride is free. Again an ANGEL, Mama gave him a hundred pesos bill and told him, "PASKWA KO SA IMO."(my Christmas gift for you) he smiled and said "SALAMAT GID."
Mai's Lessons Learned
WATCH FOR ANGELS and BE AN ANGEL. Being a subject of an angelic deeds makes one realized how beautiful our world is. With little good deeds we can all make the world a better place to live. Like our two Manong tricycle drivers in Roxas City,simple yet they made our family vacation more meaningful.
Travel Date: December 20, 2011