An Experience to Remember: A True Test of Strength

I am not athletic, all I have is my passion to reach out that made me last on this adventure. 
Waking up early is never a problem with me, being a morning person makes travelling a lot easier. And on this activity, time is of the essence, we have to get to the venue on time, to do all the planned activities.
I slept with Ma'am Beth, Tata & Borgy on the second floor of one of the houses in Sitio Klarat. And we were the first ones to wake-up & it is our duty, me & Ma'am Beth, to lead the TEAM.
We had fun waking-up the others, we asked 1st Lt. Valenzuela to lend us some of their guns.
Who wouldn't wake up when you see this

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Rested, we are now off to a more challenging route, this time uphill climb, some parts looks like a canal, that only horses can pass through.
Let this photos tell you the story;

Much needed stop, before we again work our leg muscles, to stop us from rolling, we are getting down to the other side of this mountain

KUDOS to ME! I was able to climb it, it is the highest point in this area. I can see the white spot from the distance, the Sarangani Provincial Capitol Compound.
More to Come.....
Date: April 14, 2011