An Experience to Remember: A Can of SARDINES, Changed ME!

It was so dark when we arrived in Sitio Klarat, we will be staying here for a night. 
Right away, we had our dinner; with the remaining rice in our "baonan," each member of the team got their own supplies of canned sardines for the whole 3-days activity.
I got mine and opened it, took my first spoonful of rice & sardinas, and BOOM! SO YUMMY! Believe me a day of walking & climbing changed my taste buds, LOL.

Mai's Lessons Learned:
Be grateful for everything that we have. I remember that there were times when my parents miss eating "sardinas," and when I get to the table and see it, I will not eat. What a perfect way to remind me. Now every time I get to see "sardinas," I smile and say "YOU CHANGED ME!"
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