Salvaro Along the Winding Road of Negros Occidental

The bus doors open, passengers going down to take comfort in the public restrooms on the side of the road. And here came, the Manongs & Manangs, selling junkfoods, softdrinks, boiled eggs & salvaro. WOOOOOH WAIT I GOT TO TRY THAT SALVARO!!!!
 There I go, called Manong Vendor, I got I salvaro for only P10.00. It looks like “teren-teren,” (if you’re from Iloilo, you know it), wrapped in plastic.

 Shared it with sissy & Coz Miya, they were both surprised when they saw it because in Cebu, salvaro is a round and hard bread.

I found it very Filipino, because I can really taste the “tuba”, used as a rising agent instead of baking powder, that Pinoy’s ingenuity. Overall it taste good and made us full for the 3 hours bus ride from San Carlos City to Bacolod City. I am sharing some of the best scenery on this road trip.

Mai’s Lessons Learned:
Ingenuity makes a difference. I baked a lot and access to supermarkets & stores is easier so I get to use commercial rising agents on my baked goodies. While those Manongs & Manangs of Negros used “tuba”, is a wine extracted from the sap of unopened coconut bud, which is abundant in their place. That ingenuity becomes a source of income for them.
Travel Date: December 19, 2011
Travel Buddies: Papa, Mama, Sissy, Lil’ Bro & Coz Miya