Have I Ever Baked for You?

Been reading The Kris Aquino Magazine's SAVOR LIFE - The Special Recipe Issue and I totally agree with her that; "Food is Love, and the act of cooking is the perfect expression of love."
Baking these flower cupcakes......started Passions Cupcakes
Yes, I baked and sell my goodies, but I do baked for free, only for people I loved. You read right only for people I loved, if at one point you've got to taste my baked goodies, then I may have love you.HAHAHA
Chocolate Moist Cake w/ Peanut Butter Frosting and Floral Brownies

Ube Cupcakes

Apple Walnut w/ Vanilla Ice Cream......YUMMMMMY

As looked back, I baked in almost all of my family's special occasions and to a number of people whom I can say have a special place in my heart. LOVE is PATIENT and in BAKING you need PATIENCE, you must have been special to have tasted those baked goodies of mine......