Cafe 1925......FALSE ALARM

If you read my Negros Adventure with my family, you'll know that there is only one Bacolod sweets that I am dying to take a bite......NAPOLEONES.
First stop, El Ideal......duh "wala sila sina, basi sa Cafe 1925, dira sa pihak kalye, ang kanto bangko, direstso lang makita nyo na ang pangalan."(the beauty of language)

With much excitement, we walked around and YES! CAFE 1925, tucked among the bougainvillea shrubs. The door itself, can make you curious what is in store for a foodie like me. WOW to my surprise, it is a quaint cafe, with its small space full all smiling customers, I bit something good is here. I went to the counter and I saw delectable desserts.............HUHU I don't see a flaky dough with white frosting, checked the desserts names......HUHU again none was named NAPOLIONES. I still kept my hopes high, and happily asked the waiter if they have NAPOLEONES.....and he said, " Wala kami sina, basi sa EL IDEAL." WHHHAAAAAAAT? That's why we're here, because they said you might have it! (anyway I did not make a scene there, I gratefully said thank you and leave)
Travel Date: December 18, 2011