Balay Negrense……a Picture of a Splendid Past

I have to try my skills in persuading Papa to spend the remaining of our afternoon in Bacolod City to visit Silay City. I have to enumerate places of interest and how long it would take us to go to Silay for him to say; “OK let’s go.”

It was a Sunday, so we keep our hopes high that the Ancestral House is open to public. The Gaston Ancestral House is one of the heritage houses inscribed by the National Historical Institute in the City of Silay. It is the ancestral mansion of the Gaston's converted into a lifestyle museum, that showcases the life of Negros' Sugar barons.

The house looks so regal as it stands in the center of the Gaston Property. There something so surreal with the house that, in its simplicity in architecture a sense of grandeur exudes.
The best way to show how Splendid the Gaston Ancestral House is through the photos we took around.

Too much photos, but it's best way of telling you how splendid the life of  Negros' Sugar Baron.

To More Mai Wanders!!!!!
Travel Date: December 18, 2011


  1. i missed this when we went in Negros. i loove the genealogy thingy. and the huge stone with crease that they used for pounding grains.. tama ba? hehe

  2. yup that for pounding grains.....i was so amazed by the genealogy table because even the 2nd wife and children were included.....


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