An Overnight Stay at O Hotel, Bacolod City

Straight from Bacolod City South Terminal, we went to O Hotel to checked-in and leave our things before taking our lunch.
O Hotel is located in San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City. We did not plan where to stay in Bacolod, the moment we get in, I asked Manong Taxi driver to bring us to a nice, clean & affordable hotel.
Well I was not disappointed, from the lobby I can see that it is well kept and the front desk staff were accommodating. We got a double room for the 6 of us, for P2,050.00.
Got two beds; Right bed - Papa, Mama & Bro & Left Bed - Me, Sissy & Coz Miya

I am very particular with a very clean toilet & bath, simply because it is where you get to recharge and refresh after every trip. And O Hotel, gave me that.
At the Lobby of O Hotel at 4:00 A.M, checking out
I highly recommend yo check out O Hotel when you visit Bacolod City. We stayed less than 24 hours in this hotel, but I can say we were able to get a good rest for our next destination.
Travel Date: 12:00 N.N. December 18- 4:00 A.M. 19, 2011
Travel Buddies: Papa, Mama, Sissy, Coz Miya & Lil' Bro


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