The Ruins of Talisay, How It Changed Me.

Always wanted to see the Ruins of Negros, they say it's the Taj Mahal of the Philippines. Built by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson in memory of his wife Maria Braga, who died giving birth to their child.

As I read about the mansion's history, how it came to be known as The Ruins, struck me. How from heart wrenching destruction, it came to be a blessing not just to the Lacson family but also to a place like Talisay City.

For some of us letting go of such grandiose possession will never be easy, much that it comes with such a beautiful memory. But with "The Ruins," letting it go to a ruin is a heroic act, because it did saved our nation from further Japanese invasion. Small or big, it made a contribution to our country's history.
And now, it continues to help in the tourism activity of the City of Talisay.
Mai's Life Lesson:
  • We need to be pruned to grow. Sometimes an important part of our life need to cut off, for us to grow more. If the Lacson's Mansion remained to that grandiose mansion in the center of the sugar plantation, it will still be like any other grand mansions of Negros. Not a single centavo will be there helping the tourism and even the people of Talisay. Imagine the number of tricycles going in and out of the Ruins everyday.

For now lets keep wandering and continue learning in this subject called LIFE. 
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Travel Date: December 18, 2011
Travel Buddies: My Family
How to Get There:
From Bata (aka Bangga Pepsi), Bacolod City, turn east and follow the signs going to the Ruins if you’re getting there by Car. If not, rent a tricycle going to Ruins. Approximately 20 minutes and fare is PHP20.