Salvaro......Along the Winding Roads of Negros Occidental

On our way to Bacolod City from San Carlos City, our bus made a stop along the way, for some “pee time.”

Everywhere in the Philippines, you will see the spirit of entrepreneurship. The moment the bus stops, Manongs & Manangs comes up to offer their goodies, from canned sodas to candies and every kind of snacks they can offer. But what caught our attention "SALVARO."
The Salvaro that I used to know is a thin and crisp biscuit, but the salvaro that they were selling is a bread close to that of "teren-teren." 

Foodie & curiosity combined, I bought a piece of salvaro. Then I learned from Manong Tindero that they use "tuba," a fermented vinegar, as the rising agent instead of yeast. It got a very interesting taste of tuba in the bread.