I Am A Money Magnet!!!!

I attended this for one reason I want to get rich so I can travel more. When I got to the venue there are more than a thousand people who want to get rich also. LOL

Before this seminar I did not bother researching about John Calub for reasons that;
 1.) I do not want to know someone by how others perceived him to be,
 2.) I hate being AKNE ( Alam Ko Na Yan Eh Syndrome), and
 3.) I want to be an empty sponge, that can absorb new things.
I paid Php 500.00 for the seminar and I can say that it was worth walking up at 2 AM to go to Davao City to attend it. 

What struck me most is that it is not just about the money, but how money can flow easily into your life.
John Calub's Key to Success comes from a series of seven books entitled The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel. The books were banned by the Church and hidden for years. It was the first book that used the phrase, The Law of Attraction.

I will not go into the details of the seminar, because I want others to find the time to attend the seminar themselves. But I am sharing to you some principles that I learned and lived with from that day on.

Mai's Life Lessons:
1.) Yes, we have an infinite potential to achieved our life dreams. Most of the time we see the things that we do not have and overlook what we have to succeed. Leaving my 15th and 30th paycheck behind made me see the potentials around me. I am now doing the things I am passionate about being an entrepreneur and baker.
I don't recommend it to everyone, leaving your 8-5 jobs right away, you have to first secure at least a year of your finances. If you have it, go to the second principle.
2.) It starts with a DECISION. If I did not made the said decision a year ago, I would still be inside the four walls of the office from 8-5 and do the same routine everyday of my life. Be in the place where you want to be.
While watching Francisco Colayco last night, be Decisive, it is one of the 3 principles he lived with. To get rich, you have to make a DECISION to be RICH.

More to Come....
More Mai Wanders!!!


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    1. Manong Barbero, I am happy to tell you that yes, MILYONARYO na ako. MILYONARYO na not just with finances but with learnings, travels and experiences.


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