Foodie Finds: Toledo City Street Foods Open Park

Just before night falls in this City of Toledo, a small park beside the Parish Church lit up as street hawkers started setting up tables and chairs around their food stalls. 

Being adventurous when it comes to gastronomic experience, we did not let it pass not to have a take of their street food offerings.

Thumbs up Food!
  • We had 4 orders of Siomai from SIOMAI LOVE Stall. It's a thumbs up because our lil foodie readily puts his thumbs up sign. And I say its taste really good, something you won't be expecting to get from a street food stall.

Sign of Approval


  • "Puso" - a rice wrapped in a weaved coconut leaves.

Thumbs up Experience! 

  • Eating with hand wrapped in plastic.
  • Eating "puso" and siomai as viand.

Toledo City Street Foods Found and Tasted!!!
Travel Date: December 17, 2011