A Morning Surprise from Mother Nature......Mushroom Picking

Mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source, that is according to Mr. Google.

 For me, it is a great reminder of my Lolo Pedro, who used to bring us around the "linang" or forest to look for "ligbus," is an Ilonggo word for edible mushrooms that grows on dried/decayed leaves.

Here in the South Cotabato, Philippines, the months of July and August were considered as "ligbus" season. Along the highway you will see stalls selling these earthy and meaty fungus.
And this August morning is a big surprise for Mama Dora, Browie and Me. While doing here early morning walk around her garden and fruit orchard, Mama saw "ligbus" growing around. It was my Lil Bro's first time to pick "ligbus" and he can't help but giggle over these edible fungus around him.

Mama and Browie smiling with their morning pick.....
Now I am going to have my Cooking 101 with "ligbus"
1. Clean the mushrooms with water. 

 2. Sliced tomatoes, onions and ginger. Then put it on the pan together with the cleaned mushrooms.

3. Don't put any water. Let it simmer using its own juice.

4. Once it's simmered, you can now serve it.

"Ligbus" has a earthy and meaty taste. You can have it as substitute for meat.

Mai's Lessons Learned:
If we know how to take care of Mother Nature, in return she will take care us. The fruit orchard where we found those mushroom is a 400 square meter property where my parents 10 years ago planted high value fruit trees; Lanzones and Durian. And for years we never burn those fallen leaves, instead we let it rot and become fertilizers. That morning Mother Nature provided us a healthy and sumptuous breakfast.
Keep Wandering!!!