Joined the Madness of TAGUPCI

Ten years ago, I met an amazing woman, who influenced me in the life I lived today. She is Ms. Nuria Castells, my Communication I Instructor in UP Visayas and became my theater director. Ms. Nuria is the Founding Director of TAGUPCI, Theatre Arts Guild University of the Philippines College  Iloilo.
Miss. Nuria Castells
During my elementary years I always wanted to act on stage, even joined Dramatics Club back then. Until I was given a chance to go back to my passion for theater with TAGUPCI.
I officially joined in 2002, and after 10 long years I am back with the group that is so full of MADNESS.
The reunion is also the first time that I am meeting the older members or I shall say the founding members from 1975.

I went to Iloilo only for this event. Escas Restaurant is the venue for the reunion. Let these photos tell you of the MADNESS!
Travel Date: June 30, 2012