Ate Nene's Ivisan

I will play a little mystery, for now I will keep it a secret, who is Ate Nene. Romulo's flock, will never get tired of taking all modes of transportation available, just to get to their destination. From our early morning ferry ride (Bacolod City-Iloilo City), by 8 A.M., we're off to Capiz by bus, Ceres Transit.

We were suppose to go straight to Roxas City, but Ate Nene told us that her Nanay prepared lunch for us, and it's sea foods. Yummy, and how can we resist such a treat, so we asked the driver to drop us at Junction Ivisan.
Ivisan, Capiz is Ate Nene's hometown.

 Sea foods Feast.......

Food Monster.....


Adobong Pusit

Mama Dora, Me & Sissy

Ivisan Town Center

Infamous "Travel Time" Photo.....

Till our next visit.....
 It was a gastronomic experience for us. To Ate Nene thank you so much to you family's warm welcome!
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Travel Date: December 19,2012