Walk the Walkway of Old Volcano?

After we've settled our things at Pabua's Cottages at Rocky Village, Brgy. Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin, again it's courtesy of Kuya Chris. We are now off to explore the itinerary made by Kuya Chris.
On our way to the Old Volcano, we were greeted by amazing sights, it is so rustic and refreshing. Imagine cool winds blowing in your face coupled with a beautiful scenery.
Old Volcano is Mt. Vulcan and the youngest of all the volcanoes in the island, ironic isn't it?

First glimpse of Mt. Vulcan
 Nowadays, climbing Old Volcano is made easy by the series of steps and life-sized statues  depicting the Stations of the Cross.

Mama Be paying our entrance fee
I entitled this post with a question, find out if I walk all the way up the Old Volcano. If you know the Stations of the Cross....you'll know.

 Now you know the answer. That's all for now.

I may not climb the top of Mt. Vulcan but we did pay the entrance fee, which I do encourage others to do it as well. With those fees, it will help not just our government but the people working in those tourist destinations.
I remember the in-charge telling us that we need not pay but I insist on it, because I know where it's going. Here in Camiguin I had a box full of government receipts and stamps for entrance fees paid, that is what I call TRANSPARENCY.

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Travel Date: September 23, 2011