Once a Destruction, Now an Opportunity: Sunken Cementery and Guiob Church Ruins

At exactly 6:00 P.M. on May 13, 1871, the quiet and verdant town of Cotta Bato, the Capital of Camiguin Island, was but a dreadful pile of ruins. It was the first and only eruption of Mt.Vulcan.
For many years destruction was the face of this old town.
But nowadays, the destruction that once claimed a hundreds of lives, is an attraction that invites thousands of tourist to the Island. With this boosted tourism, the people of Camiguin is claiming the promise of a better tomorrow.

Church Ruins

A visit to the Sunken Cemetery and Church Ruins reminds me that in our failures let us not see it as it is, but go beyond and find opportunity.
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Must try when visiting Sunken Cementery:
  • look for those young boys to take your photographs and their unique photo effects with the big cross.

Travel Date: September 23, 2011