Meeting a Celeb in Punta Isla

T'boli houses rise above the greenery
Punta Isla Lake Resort, for a time Lake Sebu becomes synonymous to the resort, anyone going to this lake town is sure to drop by. Nowadays there are number of resorts in the area, but Punta Isla remains my number one choice.
Aside from having the best view of Lake Sebu, it also offers the freshest and yummiest tilapia.
Welcome to Punta Isla
While we wait for our orders, we were entertained by a group of T'boli performers using their indigenous musical instruments. Someone made Jenny giddy again.....hmmmmm

T'boli Entertainers

He did the music and even appear on the Nescafe Commercial

jenny giggling over kuya d'celeb
After our meet and greet with the celeb, we feasted on; Binuntis na Manok, Chicharon na Tilapia, Kinilaw na Tilapia and Paksiw na Tilapia.
and here comes....

Binuntis na Manok

Let me share to you some of the photographs I took......

With a full tummy, we are now ready for hours of road trip, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato - Davao City.

More Mai Wanders!!!!!
Travel Date: July 27, 2011