Manila Ocean Park with the Whole Family

YEP!!! Heard it right, most of the time I travel with my whole family, when I say family Whole Family it includes; Paternal Grandma, Papa, Mama,  Mama Net (aunt), Mama Be(aunt), Tita Ming(aunt), Me, Browie, Sissy, Miya(cousin), Deo(cousin), Sheena (cousin) & Ryner(cousin). That is the list when I say whole family.

First day of our Luzon Family Vacation and with the youngsters a must to include in the itinerary is a visit to Manila Ocean Park. Here is our mini field trip to Manila Ocean Park, hahaha imagine how big is our group.

At around 3 PM, the whole bunch looks so tired, from exploring the whole park. So would it mean going home?
Till my next Mai Wanders!!!!!
Travel Date: May 2, 2011