MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Sitio Blat, Amsipit, Maasim

While writing, I am turned between posting or removing it, because I remembered that “when we do something for others, not even our left hand should know what our right hand did.” I pondered on why I made this blog, is it to brag about the places I have been and the expensive food I have eaten? And the answer is NO!
I made this because I want to encourage people to travel, that one need not be an heiress or a billionaire to travel around PHILIPPINES. All one need is to be passionate with it and realized that every centavo spent is a boosted tourism industry.
And we can travel and explore the Philippines while making a difference to someone else’s life. Let me start it with stories of a job that I love and will always be thankful that I have been a part of.
Being a Program Manager was never easy, but when you see a child’s face lit up with your presence erased all the eye bags from sleepless night & body aches as you walked for hours to reach them.
Sitio Blat, Amsipit, Maasim is one of the community chosen by Bantay Bata 163 for its Bantay Bata 163 Caravan.

Sitio Blat, Brgy. Amsipit, Maasim, Sarangani Province

Our group left General Santos City early morning to be able to reach Sitio Blat before 8 AM. Sitio Blat is more than an hour drive on rough road from National Highway in Brgy.  Tambler, General Santos City.
It was not an easy road......

Along the way we passed through privately owned ranches, it is like going to Mexico, in order to pass you have to open the wooden gate and close it again. I was also fascinated by bonsai growing everywhere. I have not seen a single tall tree in the area, except for few coconuts.

I am happy to know that DENR is doing their part in protecting the area; people coming in and out were closely monitored and checked, getting bonsai from the area is not allowed.
Sitio Blat is a small community if I based it on the number of houses, but when based on the number of children, I say it is a big one. I been to a lot of far flung areas in Sarangani and all has the same concerns, young marriages and many children. I am pro to RH Bill now! LOL, I have always been pro to CHOICE!

Last minute meeting.....
Life in the community is very simple they plant root crops and sell it. The main livelihood in the area is farming and some go to the city to become house help and labor force to factories.
During the Children’s Caravan, there are; Free Dental and Medical check-Up, Tuli, Free Medicine, Children’s Game and Right of the Child Advocacy (Parent-Children Mentoring)

D'TEAM (dynamic, young and beautiful) LOL
This is what I call making a difference……..Keep Mai Wandering!!!