Life & Style at Seven Falls of Lake Cebu

I have written about the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu, I think it is not enough to share to you the wonders of Lake Sebu.
Known as the "Summer Capital" of Southern Mindanao, Lake Sebu is our family's favorite destination for friends coming from Luzon and Mindanao. I always notice the pride in Papa's voice every time, when we are on our way to Lake Sebu and he plays tour guide to family friends visiting.
And now it is my turn to play as one to my friends. 

Seven Falls is located in Brgy. Lake Seloton, Lake Sebu. It feels great to see the smiles on on my friends faces when they saw Dongon Falls or Falls 1. On our way to Falls 1, women on the river caught my attention, they seemed to be sifting something out of the water. Then I saw a bag of shells along the banks, this is their life, they will sell those shells and it will sustain them for I don't know how many meals.

Falls 1 is also the starting point of the "Most Beautiful Zipline" in the country for me.

 It is only here at Seven Falls where you can see the majestic Seven Falls while zipping above the greenery of Mother Nature. 
The zipline ends with the welcoming sight of Falls 2, the highest of the seven falls. 

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How to get there:
From Surallah Public Terminal, take any available transport that is ready to leave (jeepney, van and "habal-habal"), asked your driver to drop you at junction Seven Falls. Hire a "habal-habal" and you can even negotiate with the driver to bring you other tourist destination.
Travel Date: July 27,2011


  1. I'm sooo excited for this on Feb 2013! Tnx for your blog Mai! :)

    1. hi Alex, you're welcome and thanks for dropping by my blog. Enjoy your trip on Feb 2013. there's lot of places to explore.


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